10 Book Club Picks for June


It’s a beautiful day, the coffee is perfectly iced, and the news is spiced with variety. Let’s do this.

🌎 Can you guess which city was named UNESCO’s 2024 World Book Capital?

🚫 Check out an awesome new YA anthology that equips teens to fight book bans, featuring Book Riot’s own Kelly Jensen! While you’re at it, cheer on three parents who have sued Florida over book bans.

👀 Brave Books Storytime sounds nice, and…it really super isn’t.

💸 These are the bestselling books of the week, according to all the lists.

📅 As we approach the halfway mark of the year, let’s take a pause to look at the best books we’ve read for the Read Harder Challenge so far.

🗣️ These 10 book club picks for June have real range. If you’re feeling froggy, take the rec for youthjuice, you’ll have TONS to talk about.

🔬 Concoct your own love potion with 10 gems of STEM-themed romance.

🎧 Put some new releases in your ears with the latest episode of All the Books!

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