25 Star Wars Enamel Pins That Are Out Of This World But Not Your Budget


Calling all Star Wars fans! Pledge your allegiance to the Resistance this December or join the dark side with these epic Star Wars enamel pins! Whether you’re here for the rebels, the droids, the villains, the princesses, or the romance, there’s an enamel pin out there for you.

If you’re looking for a simple yet stylish way to show off your fandom pride when Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker finally hits the big screen, here are 25 Star Wars enamel pins that are perfect for the occasion and, quite frankly, out of this world.

For the Rebels

Cassian Andor enamel pin with the text 'Rebellions Are Built On Hope'

Cassian Andor “Rebellions are built on hope” enamel pin from SatmollyIllustration. Perfect for the rogue ones. $12.

Rey of Jakku enamel pin with the text 'Resist'

Rey of Jakku “Resist” enamel pin from SquadronGoals. You know you can’t…resist. $12.

Star Wars rebel and imperial flight academy enamel pin set

Star Wars Flight Academy enamel pin set from CreativeOutpouring. $20 for two or $13 each.

Millennium Falcon enamel pin with the text 'Hunk O' Junk'

Millennium Falcon “Hunk o’ junk” enamel pin from thegreyearl. A Han-some addition to your collar or lapel. $10.

Floral Millennium Falcon enamel pin with the text 'Fly Casual'

“Fly casual” floral Millennium Falcon enamel pin from AudreyAndStone. Or, if you’d prefer, fly Solo. $10.

For the Droids

Star Wars C3P0 droid enamel pin

C3P0 droid enamel pin from TheBasicGirlShop. Excuse me sir, but this pin is in prime condition, a real bargain. $12.

Star Wars BB-8 droid enamel pin

BB-8 droid enamel pin from KhumbuPins. Must Poe-tect at all costs. $6.60.

Star Wars R2D2 droid enamel pin with the text 'Support the Rebellion'

R2D2 “Support the Rebellion” enamel pin from PowerUpPins. $9.

Star Wars R2D2 droid as a fat cat enamel pin

R2D2 cat enamel pin from thenosuchdisco. These R2 adorable. $12.

For the Villains

Darth Vader origami style enamel pin

Darth Vader origami enamel pin from folditcreations. Are you ready to join the Darth side? $9.70.

Star Wars lightsaber enamel pin with the text 'Fulfil Your Destiny'

“Fulfil your destiny” lightsaber enamel pin from TheShortSupply. $12.

Star Wars First Order insignia enamel pin with the text 'Thirst Order'

Thirst Order enamel pin from ThePixieDustedMouse. When it’s Snoke joke which side you’re on. $10.

For the Princesses

Princess Leia enamel pin with the text 'Fight Like A Girl'

“Fight Like A Girl” enamel pin from RinRinPins. This is guaranteed to get you some Lukes. $5.50.

Princess Leia blaster enamel pin

Princess Leia enamel pin from granimations. $10.

Princess Leia enamel pin with the text 'Self-Rescuing Princess'

Self-rescuing princess enamel pin from ImBookishandBakewell. No need for a helping Han. $9.50.

Princess Leia galaxy enamel pin with the text 'Hope'

“Hope” enamel pin from alicevitrum. $6.60.

Princess Leia rebel alliance insignia enamel pin

Rebel alliance enamel pin from MoonPowersCo. Perfect if you’re looking for something more General. $12.

Princess Leia space buns enamel pin

Princess Leia enamel pin from JoyAddict. $12.

For the Romantics

Han and Leia silhouette enamel pin set with the text 'I Love You' and 'I Know'

Han Solo and Princess Leia enamel pin set from BinaVivienSantos. If you know, you know. $24.

Han Solo and Princess Leia heart-shaped enamel pin

Han and Leia heart enamel pin from SatmollyIlustrations. $12.

Rey and Kylo Ren heart-shaped enamel pin with the text 'You're Not Alone' and 'Neither Are You'

Rey and Kylo Ren heart enamel pin from EmilyAnneFlimFlam. You can’t Force this ship. $14.50.

For the Crossovers

Jabba The Hutt as a slice of pizza enamel pin

Jabba Pizza The Hutt enamel pin from mirandadressler. $10.

Star Wars x Pokeman Pikachu and Chewbacca enamel pin

PikaChewy enamel pin from pincollectibles. Take a Pika Pika at this price. $6.30.

Star Wars x Harry Potter Porg Houses enamel pin set

Harry Porgger House enamel pin set from UtinniBikini. Ten points for GryffinPorg! $36 for four or $10 each.

Star Wars x The Simpsons Princess Lisa Skywalker enamel pin

Lisa Skywalker enamel pin from kyleklez. $12.

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Source : 25 Star Wars Enamel Pins That Are Out Of This World But Not Your Budget