Best Fan Fiction Apps and Sites


It’s no secret that fan fiction is fun to read. A good mix of fantastic and absorbing, a good fic always manages to transport me to a new world with familiar characters, written by people who are dedicated and a little bit in love. Of course, if the author has issues with something in canon, that only leads to exciting surprises. The good news is that there is a lot out there to discover, and a bunch of places to discover it from. Get started with our 101 guide to fan fiction! Then, I’ve curated a list of the best fan fiction apps and websites. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned reader, there are options for everyone.

1. (Android, iOS, Browser)

The oldest in the game, was launched in 1998. Although the site has grown since then, offering works in over 40 languages, its interface remains classic and easy to navigate. It’s open to guest users. Creating an account lets you post reviews and your own work, but otherwise, reading fan fiction is available to all. This website was where I first went to discover fan fiction and it’s still a go-to for those who are new to the genre.

2. Archive of Our Own (Browser)

AO3 is newer than, but already boasts a strong base of loyal readers, a lot of whom prefer it to the latter. There are good reasons for this: AO3 allows its readers to share fan fictions in multiple ways, going so far as to make pdf versions of works available to readers. A lot of websites often have snippets of fanfics posted that link back to the main work at AO3. The website also has an impressive set of filters and an elaborate tagging system. If you’re someone who knows what to look for in a fic – the pairing, the audience rating, and so forth – then AO3 is perfect to help you narrow down your options. The same advantage, however, can be overwhelming to new users who just want to get to the story. Signing up is also a bit different than usual: you have to provide your email address and then get invited in as opposed to simply creating an account.

3. Wattpad (Android, iOS, Browser)

Originally designed for serialized fiction, Wattpad now has a thriving fan fiction community. That’s the keyword here: community. If you want people to talk about fan fiction with, Wattpad is your best bet. It requires all users to create an account but leaves you alone for the most part afterward. Wattpad is also the best fan fiction app out there. I’d say AO3 would provide some tough competition but there isn’t an official app for it yet. Besides, Wattpad offers a clean, interactive design. Users are allowed to leave in-line comments, and as of recently, reactions (little emojis to tell your fellow readers that a line made you laugh or swoon). Authors on Wattpad often reach out to readers to help create a following, by leaving little notes in the beginning or replying to comments.

4. Tumblr (Android, iOS, Browser)

Tumblr is a lot of things, and a proud home for fandoms is one of them. Searching for a tag on a book or movie will provide you with a slew of quotes, stills, opinions, fan art, and, of course, fan fiction. Some users post entire works on their blogs while others choose to post a teaser with a link to the whole work hosted on another website. Tumblr is a good middle ground between AO3 and Wattpad – there isn’t the same amount of content as the former, but there is some community like the latter. There are also a bunch of helpful, enthusiastic users who make lists of recommended fics for a given fandom. You’re welcome.

5. Asian Fanfics (Android, iOS, Browser)

Ever shipped BTS’s V and Jungkook? You’re not alone. Aimed mostly at fan fictions based on Asian books, dramas, music groups, and more, Asian Fanfics provides a simple but functional place for your fan fiction needs. It also links blogs and videos related to the fandom or ship you’re searching for. Most stories are accessible with an account, while there are some that need you to follow the author. Guests can browse and read but won’t be able to see stories that have restricted access, as mentioned.

This list barely touches the abundance of the best fan fiction apps and sites out there. It’s simply a collection of the ones I think are notable in terms of content (range of fandoms) and interface (simplicity, ease of access) that are available in English. There are entire fan fiction apps and sites dedicated to specific fandoms or genres that I didn’t include in this list. That being said, I hope this has opened new doors to more places to find fan fiction for you.

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