Spooky Bookmarks To Haunt Your Reading Life

  • October 13, 2020

For some of us, horror season occurs on any day ending with a “y.” For others, it’s not until October that the need to be scared comes about. Still others prefer no scary stuff at all. No matter where you fall, perhaps you’re looking for the perfect spooky bookmarks for yourself or a loved one.

I know. Those who don’t like this season are wondering how there are perfect spooky bookmarks for them, but I promise: black cats and cute ghosties are included in this roundup to offer up something sweet and fun and seasonal without getting too scary (and for those who want scares, you know those are here, too).

Included are downloadable spooky bookmarks, as well as those which will be mailed. I’ve noted which are immediately accessible for those seeking their seasonal bookmarks ASAP.

Sweet, Scary, and Spooky Bookmarks

I need a pile of these metal black cat bookmarks. $6.80.

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble: A caldron bookmark makes for the perfect spell. $4.25 and up.

Spooky bones, for real. This metal skeleton is awesome. $25.

Let’s take a hike into these creepy woods together. $3.50.

A gorgeous watercolor tree, featuring lanterns, a bat, and a full moon. $4.25 and up.

The perfect haunted shelves. $3.50.

These vintage horror bookmarks also glow in the dark. $3.25 each.

This illustrated witch with her ghost pals is ADORABLE. $3.41.

For the gothic lovers out there. $3.41.

Cute ghosts who are magnetic. $6.

Haunted houses can be scary . . . or they can be super cute and welcoming, like this one. $4.09.

I adore this “the moon made me do it” bookmark. $1.50.

Save your place with a bottle of poison. $4.25.

The creepier, the better. $3. Scroll through all of the awesome spooky bookmark options in this shop.

Reading by the light of the raven and the moon. $4.25 and up.

I’m 100% here for both the deep purple bat bookmarks AND the pastel bats! $4.77.

Ghost stories for your ghost stories. $4.09.

A magnetic bookmark reminding you to believe in magic. $3.21.

What a beautiful caldron bookmark. $4.33.

The perfect pink planchette bookmark. $12.

You can immediately download these sweet creepy bookmarks. $1.25.

The perfect bookmark for tarot fans. $5.

Mayhaps you need a headless horseman bookmark? $5.80.

Immediately print and use this witch’s broom bookmark. $1.50.

Spooky bookmarks + coloring + instant download = 8 awesome ways to add some fun to this season. $2.10.

Gotta love some good mummies. $1.30 and up.

Gorgeous Halloween-themed bookmarks you can download as a set right now. $6.

Victorian ghosts are the creepiest ghosts, amirite? $4.09 for these downloadable spooks.

Vintage witch bookmarks. Instant download of this set is $3.

Last, but not least, how can you not love these witch bookshelves? $3.

Of course, once you’ve added to your spooky bookmark collection, chances are you’ll then be on the look for horror enamel pins and I’ve got you covered.

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