Trump-Russia inquiry: Whitaker’s role criticized by Democrats – live

  • Democrats: ‘Wholly inappropriate’ for Whitaker to oversee investigation
  • Sanders: white voters ‘uncomfortable’ voting for black candidates
  • Democrats say Mueller’s Russia inquiry must be protected

New acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker does not intend to recuse himself from overseeing the Russia probe, the Washington Post reports.

The investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into Russian election interference and possible collusion with Donald Trump’s campaign has been overseen by deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, because Jeff Sessions recused himself – a move that infuriated Trump.

The protest last night outside Tucker Carlson’s home, which Carlson said included banging on and cracking his door, is drawing condemnation including from liberals.

Here’s “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert:

Fighting Tucker Carlson’s ideas is an American right. Targeting his home and terrorizing his family is an act of monstrous cowardice. Obviously don’t do this, but also, take no pleasure in it happening. Feeding monsters just makes more monsters.

This behavior is way over the line. Going to someone’s home, breaking their door, and terrorizing their family is unacceptable. It’s also extremely counterproductive if your interest is actually in reducing his influence.

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Source : Trump-Russia inquiry: Whitaker’s role criticized by Democrats – live