A Definitive Ranking of Cheez-It Flavors

Move over, sweets. Some of us just want delicious, salty goodness—especially in the form of a Cheez-It. There’s nothing wrong with having a sweet tooth, but savory foods are just as good, if not better. And Cheez-It keep things exciting. The brand has a variety of drool-inducing snacks. I’ll cop to a particular weakness for Cheez-It’s baked snack crackers. Those are the traditional ones, which now come in numerous different flavors. Over the years, I’ve tried them all and come up with the definitive ranking, from least to most craveable. (While I did the binge for you, I won’t blame you if you decide to … Continue reading “A Definitive Ranking of Cheez-It Flavors”

Source : A Definitive Ranking of Cheez-It Flavors