England v Australia: Women’s Ashes Test, day one – live!

  • Live updates from day one of the Test in Taunton
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28th over: Australia 96-2 (Lanning 26, Perry 1) KNIGHT DROPS LANNING! Oh, she’ll be gutted with that. Gordon won the false stroke, the England skipper putting down her opposing number at cover. It’s not a tough chance, to her left at waist heigh. She has such a good pair of hands too. What a moment that might be.

27th over: Australia 95-2 (Lanning 26, Perry 1) Marsh races through at Lanning initially then Perry, who is off the mark with a push to midwicket. Back to the real quiz now, which is Sophie Gordon vs Meg Lanning.

“As Steve Smith has shown us enough times in India,” writes Tuvic Tuslow, “the only way to stay ahead on a dustbowl is by being agressive. Yes, the opposition might need to drop you six times along the way to allow you to score one of the greatest centuries of all time, but the point remains: gather as many runs as you can, because soon enough you won’t have much time to get them on this pitch either ways.”

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England v Australia: Women’s Ashes Test, day one – live!