Insecure season four review – is this the end of a great screen friendship?

The show portrays beautifully how relationships don’t always blow up. Sometimes, as with Molly and Issa, people you love intensely and take for granted fade quietly away

The second episode of Insecure’s fourth run (Sky Comedy) ends with one of the most perceptive portrayals of a friendship in crisis ever committed to screen. There are no tears, screaming or hair-pulling. Rather, there is a blissful zoning out, like the end of Mad Men when Don Draper gets all spiritual. Molly (Yvonne Orji) stares into the middle distance of Los Angeles as her best friend, Issa (Issa Rae), recounts a relationship crisis, having moments earlier dismissed Molly’s love life. The song Rockaway by the American rapper KAMAUU cuts in as the credits roll: “I go my own way, you go your own way / I hope we can make a way, these kind of things fade away.”

This being the fourth season of a show centred on black friendship, brewing resentment seems a necessary addition to proceedings. Not that season three wasn’t compelling: the Coachella episode, where scene-stealing Kelli (Natasha Rothwell) was Tasered and no one got to see Beyoncé, was masterly. But it was an introspective series, too, which required much investment on the part of viewers. Issa’s ex, Lawrence (Jay Ellis), was absent, replaced by a revolving door of essentially fine, but unsuitable, men; Molly’s new job at an all-black law firm turned out to be just as dispiriting as her job at an all-white law firm.

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Source : Insecure season four review – is this the end of a great screen friendship?