Judge blocks closure of Missouri’s last abortion clinic – live

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  • Missouri clinic faced shutdown at midnight
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Nevada governor Steve Sisolak signed the Trust Nevada Women Act today, making his state an outlier amid the recent wave of state laws restricting abortion rates.

#SB179, the Trust Nevada Women Act, repeals outdated criminal penalties for abortion and aligns antiquated informed consent laws with today’s medical standards. Congratulations to @YvannaCancela @NaralNv and all who worked hard on this legislation! (2/3) pic.twitter.com/refwjIjThf

The governor of Virginia reacts to the mass shooting at a government building.

This is a tragic day for Virginia Beach and our entire Commonwealth. My heart breaks for the victims of this devastating shooting, their families, and all who loved them. I am on my way to Virginia Beach now and will be there within the hour.

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Judge blocks closure of Missouri’s last abortion clinic – live