My wife has lost interest in sex and won’t do anything about it

We used to really enjoy life together, but now she blames her lack of sex drive on her anti-anxiety medication and doesn’t respond to my offers to help

My wife and I are going through ups and downs, as in most marriages, but she has become less and less interested in making love. I know sex drives can differ, but she shows no intention of dealing with the issue. I have offered to help, but she doesn’t show much interest. She says she suffers from anxiety, and is reluctantly going to the doctor soon to ask for advice. She is already on anti-anxiety medication, but she can never pinpoint the causes of her anxiety. She was never like this when we were dating, and she used to enjoy life. I try to help her be happy, but it’s hard because her moods can swing so wildly.

Anxiety disorders do not necessarily have specific causes, such as particular incidents or situations. They often run in families and can have genetic foundations. They can be complex, can seriously undermine a person’s ability to enjoy sex, and should be treated. Imagine trying to focus on pleasure while feeling anxious.

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My wife has lost interest in sex and won’t do anything about it