Tamal Ray’s Christmas chutney recipes | The Sweet Spot

This trio of chutneys is perfect for a Christmas cheeseboard and make ideal homemade presents

Although I love Christmas, with its twinkly lights, warm mince pies and arguments over that last extra-crisp roast potato, the seemingly endless present-buying can leave me feeling drained. This year I’ve decided to save my money (and sanity) by making presents, so this trio of chutneys will be working their way to friends and family.

You could use these as condiments for Christmas lunch or, as I’ll be doing, to balance out an evening spent gorging on cheese and mulled wine. Although I’ve given approximate cook times here – the best way to test they’re done is to use the frozen plate test spoon a little of the cooked chutney on a plate that has been in the freezer for an hour. Give the cooled chutney a little prod: if it wrinkles slightly then you know it’s set. If still liquid, then cook another minute or two before trying again.

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Source : Tamal Ray’s Christmas chutney recipes | The Sweet Spot