Trump says FDA moving to ban flavored e-cigarettes – live

First lady ‘deeply concerned’ by vaping among children as health secretary says FDA planning ‘final guidance to ban flavored vaping’

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More on Trump’s tension with Bolton: the president said he bristled at the national security adviser’s positions on Venezuela and North Korea.

But those stances were well known for much of Bolton’s tenure and, in the case of Venezuela, bolstered by the administration’s own position.

Trump keeps mentioning Bolton’s comments on the “Libya model” as being a disaster.

Bolton said that in April 2018. Trump kept him on for another 16 months.

Exactly. Trump also just said “I disagreed with John Bolton’s attitude on Venezuela. I thought he was way out of line.”

US declared Guaido the legit president in January.

Alexander Azar, the health and human services secretary, provided additional clarification on the new regulation after Trump’s Oval Office meeting with reporters.

Azar says tobacco-flavored products provide ADULT users a reasonable alternative to combustable nicotine. So it’s not banned (for now). But he says “we can’t allow the benefits for adults to come at the expense of our children.”

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Source : Trump says FDA moving to ban flavored e-cigarettes – live