Amazon is making its own AirPods rival: report

  • April 4, 2019


Not content to simply run the world’s largest online retailer, it looks like Amazon is ready to take its growing hardware division even further in an attempt to compete with Apple.

Amazon will bring its own version of the AirPods to market sometime later this year, Bloomberg reported on Thursday. Bloomberg’s sources said Amazon’s wireless earbuds will come with many of the same features that Apple’s AirPods have, but possibly in grey or black color configurations.

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That means they will fit into users’ ears without clips just like AirPods and will work with a combination of voice control and physical gesture support. Users will be able to use their voices to work with Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant, similar to the hands-free Siri support in the new AirPods released last week. Read more…

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Source : Amazon is making its own AirPods rival: report