Does Kylie Jenner even know how to wash her face?



Kylie Jenner’s skincare line, Kylie Skin, is nearly sold out online despite some pretty substantial Twitter backlash. But a new video of Kylie washing her face is making people question her skincare knowledge once more.

When Jenner released the collection earlier this month, critics went after her for selling a walnut face scrub, which much of the skincare community has deemed far too harsh a physical exfoliant. To make matters worse, Kylie recommended using the scrub two to three times per week in a promotional video. Kylie, no! 

On Thursday morning, the Twitter account for Kylie Skin posted a video of Jenner washing her face. She’s not using the walnut scrub in the video, thank god — she’s using a foaming face wash — but her cleansing method leaves a lot to be desired. Read more…

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Source : Does Kylie Jenner even know how to wash her face?