Fan theory culture peaked with ‘Game of Thrones’. What now?


One Game of Thrones fan theory says Bran Stark is the Night King. Another says Drogon flew off to Valyria and laid enough eggs to burn all of Westeros. Theories have made Tyrion Lannister a secret Targaryen, Talisa Stark a Lannister plant, and Syrio Forel the most indestructible fencing coach in the universe.

Everyone has a Game of Thrones fan theory, but what’s going to happen when Thrones is over and all of that analytical energy has nowhere else to go? 

Thrones is far from the first piece of media to generate a massive fan theory culture — Lost thrived on torturing its audience with cryptic clues and red herrings, and people wrote actual books on what would happen next in the Harry Potter seriesThrones does, however, have the distinction of legitimizing fan theories as a crucial and expected part of each episode’s aftermath.  Read more…

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Fan theory culture peaked with ‘Game of Thrones’. What now?