Get the Project Manager’s Toolkit course bundle for less than $40

  • August 22, 2022

TL;DR: As of August 21, you can get the Project Managers Toolkit Bundle for just $39 instead of $568 — that’s a 93% discount.

Project Management skills are important in the workplace and out of it. Whether you’re working in a team to figure out a complex problem or working on your own to figure out how to do your taxes, being able to tackle and complete a project is a pretty important skill. And like most skills, there’s software out there for project management that may help you apply your effort in productive ways. Start learning to use four common project management tools in The 2022 Ultimate Project Managers Toolkit Bundle, on sale for $39. 

Learn to use, Jira & Confluence, Asana, and Microsoft Project 

You may have some great organization and time management skills, but you might find some management tasks to be easier when you get familiar with some of these tools. A great place to start could be Start learning to use this cloud-based work system that has tools for collaborating, project organization and visualization, notification management, and more. This first course covers nearly three hours of material and 36 lessons. Like each course in the set, everything here is available to you for life. 

Start mastering even more project management software in courses on Confluence, Asana, and Microsoft Project. If you’ve never used any of these three tools, you could jump right into the introductory courses that could help you get acclimated. If you’re ready to get into advanced skills, this bundle has almost 30 hours of instruction on Microsoft Project, three and a half on confluence, and three on Asana. You could even give Asana and Confluence a try to practice what you learn. Both of them have free subscription plans! 

Get on top of your project management game

Mastering project management software could save you time and effort in your work or personal life, and these four aren’t small names in the game. and Confluence are some of the top project management software in the world, and you could start learning how to use them and more in this comprehensive course bundle. For a limited time, get this Project Managers Toolkit Bundle available now for $39 (Reg. $568). 

Prices subject to change. course from the Project Managers Toolkit Bundle.

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Project Managers Toolkit Bundle
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Get the Project Manager’s Toolkit course bundle for less than $40