Need a Father’s Day Gift? Find a Great Gift Here


Hey. Listen up: Father’s Day is soon. And yes, even though it’s not quite the pressure of Mother’s Day, you should still probably get something for the old man. He probably won’t help you with gift ideas, though. That’s where we come in.

Father’s Day is a conundrum. How does one shop for a man who has everything, wants “nothing,” and just generally doesn’t talk a whole lot? Well, stuff your filial anxieties in a sack and throw that sack in a river, then go home and try not to think about that sack full of your anxieties. It’s lost to the current now.

With that done, you can start thinking proactively. “What things might my father like?” Even the most ascetic of fathers have basic needs—needs that may be fulfilled by practical gifts.

Or perhaps your father isn’t pure pragmatism embodied, in which case, that makes things so much easier! Pick something they like to do for fun, then find some accessory for said activity!

Whatever kind of dad you have—fun, or old school—this list of ideas should help you get started.

Gifts for Beer Drinkin’ Dads

Someone pouring beer from a steel beer growler into a beer glass
G Francis

Not all dads drink beer, but so, so many seem to enjoy it. If your dad belongs to this legion of men who like sucking down the hops and barley juice, consider something like, say, the G Francis Beer Growler—a reusable stainless steel bottle for transporting 64 ounces of craft beer from a local brewery to the house, or beach, or the woods, or wherever. Plus, it’s useful, since it saves money on glass growler deposits (make sure to tell your dad that, so he can see how practical it is).

You could also go somewhat beer adjacent with your gift idea. Beer isn’t just for drinking—it’s for cooking, too. The American Craft Beer Cookbook is an excellent gift for the culinarily inclined father who likes beer.

For even more beer-related gift ideas, check out our roundup here.

Gifts for Dapper Dads

A Maxwell Scott Italian leather Dopp kit
Maxwell Scott

Look, every dad travels at least a little bit. Maybe they travel for work, maybe for fun, or maybe it’s to see their secret family. No matter the reason, they’ll need to bring a “Dopp” kit with them, unless they plan on keeping sets of alternative toiletries in various locations around the country, like so many secret families.

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