The Best Dry Shampoo For All Hair Types

A lot of people won’t wash their hair every day, whether for the sake of convenience or for hair health. But how do you keep your hair looking clean between those washes? Dry shampoo.

Before you go out and buy the first dry shampoo that you see, you should consider your personal hair needs. There are a bunch of different dry shampoos that are made specifically for different kinds of hair. Is your hair super oily or is it dry and, perhaps even, chemically damaged? Do you have colored hair? Do you like to style your hair with a bit of volume?

Even when you’ve figured out what kind of dry shampoo you need, it can still be hard to find a good product. Most stores only carry one or two brands of all-purpose dry shampoo, and there are hundreds of brands and products to choose from online. That’s why we’ve taken the time to find the best dry shampoos for everybody’s hair care needs.

All Purpose and Affordable: Not Your Mother’s ($8)

Some people don’t need a specialized dry shampoo. If you’re looking for an affordable, all-purpose product that can keep your hair from looking unwashed or greasy, then you should consider looking at Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo. It doesn’t leave any powdery residue and just gets the job done.

While an all-purpose dry shampoo may work well for some people, there’s a chance that it won’t work well for you. If your hair is dry and damaged, colored, or extra oily, then you might get more use out of a specialized product. For everyone else, however, this is a real steal: 2 huge bottles for only $8.

Tone Down Oily Hair: Living Proof ($20)

If your hair is especially oily, then you’ll want to use a dry shampoo that’s specifically designed for oily hair. Living Proof’s dry shampoo works especially well for extra-oily hair, without making it as dry as straw or leaving a residue.

You could always use an all-purpose dry shampoo for your super oily hair, but you might find yourself using too much of it. Caking your hair with an all-purpose dry shampoo will inevitably leave residue on your head, cause a powdery discoloration, and it might make your hair look stiff or brittle. That’s where a made-for-extra-oily-hair dry shampoo really shines.

Hydrate Dry Hair: Klorane Dry ($20)

Some people have naturally dry hair, but they still need to keep it looking clean. Klorane dry shampoo is formulated with oat milk, which hydrates and cleans your hair. It’s a great option for people that have dry, dead hair, or for people that don’t like how straw-like their hair feels after using other dry shampoos.

Volumize Your Flat, Oily Hair: Redken Pillow Proof ($13)

When your hair is oily after a spell, it can look a little flat. That’s an obvious problem for anybody with a voluminous hairstyle or loose curls. Dry shampoo is great for taking those oils out of your hair, but most dry shampoos can’t replace the time-consuming process of washing and styling that are essential to maintaining a voluminous hairstyle.

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