Become a Griddle Master with These 20 Accessories

  • March 14, 2019


So, you’ve finally dedicated yourself to the high-riding griddle lifestyle. But skills and enthusiasm aren’t everything. If you want to be a real griddle master, you need the right tools and accessories.

The basic tools and utensils in your kitchen may be good for frying eggs, or poaching eggs, or baking a soufflé (or whatever), but they won’t live up the needs of a hardened, grease-guzzling griddle master.

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So, what does one need to become a griddle master? Well, you need some basic tools, like spatulas and scrapers. But you also need basting domes, meat presses, and squeeze bottles. A griddle master is rough-and-tumble, yet gentle, so you need storage and cleaning products to keep your griddle in tip-top shape. An apron would be nice too, and you’ll need a griddle. But that’s kind of a given. (Need one for your stove top? We’ve got you covered.)

The hunt for griddle accessories can be overwhelming but don’t give up the fight just yet, we’re here to help. We’ve tracked down a pile of products that can elevate anyone to griddle master.

The Necessary Tools

A spatula, two oil bottles, and a griddle tool kit
Blackstone/Jordigamo/New Star Food Service

Spatulas, scrapers, and oil bottles form the triptych of griddle tools. These are must-haves for any serious griddle chef. If you want to flip and pick up food, then you need a spatula. If you want to pull grease and burnt food off the grill, then you need a scraper. If you want to effortlessly use cooking oil, then you need a squeeze bottle. These are facts.

You probably already have some of these tools in your kitchen, but if you’re missing anything, now’s the time to stock up. Lucky for you, these basic griddle tools are pretty inexpensive, and you can always buy a set if you don’t feel like shopping around.

  • Jordigamo Stainless Griddle Kit ($42) – This kit includes four spatulas, two oil bottles, tongs, a scraper, two egg molds, and a carry bag. For $42, you’re basically paying $4 per griddle tool.
  • Blackstone Griddle Accessories Kit ($20) – This kit includes two spatulas, a scraper, and two oil bottles. It’s a minimalist kit, but it’s affordable, and it’s got all the necessities.
  • Blackstone 32 oz Squeeze Bottles (2-Pack) ($10) – Two large squeeze bottles for your cooking oil. These bottles make it easy to put some oil on your griddle. You can even use them to hold infused oils for tasty blackened meats or sautéed veggies.
  • New Star Foodservice Wood Handled Spatula ($6) – A 12.5″ wood handled spatula. Hey, it’s $6, you might as well buy it if you need another spatula.

Armed with a good basic set, you’re ready to dig into the extra tools that will expand your griddle master arsenal.

The Extra Tools

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